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LaMancha Results

JUDGE: Jennifer Lohman-Peterson    Consultant: Daniel Considine
July 16 & 17, 2014 ~ Louisville, KY

Grand Champion:
Owner: Jill M. Pritchett
Breeder: Jill M. Pritchett
Reserve Grand Champion:

Owner: Hoosier Harvest
Breeder: Ardis K. Lyons

Junior Champion:
Owner: Blackwing
Breeder: Tessa Maggiulli
Reserve Junior Champion:

Owner: Julie & Kyle Matthys
Breeder: Julie & Kyle Matthys
Best Udder:

Owner: Lesniak Hill
Breeder: Lesniak-Hill
Reserve Best Udder:
Owner:  Wendy Herchak
Breeder: Wendy Herchak
Junior Kid: KECMR Jute Tawny
Owner: Claire Smith, KECMR
Intermediate Kid: Mint*Leaf Elise
Owner: Julie & Kyle Matthys, Mint*Leaf
Senior Kid: Alder*Rose Advocate Esme
Owner: Riley Blomquist, Blackwing
Junior Yearling: Autumn-Acres Miss Marquesa
Owner: Tyler DeWeerd, Autumn-Acres
Senior Yearling: Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Karaoke
Owner: Megan Rene Lawrence, Jen-Mae-Ka Kids
Jr. Get-of-Sire: Get of Autumn-Acres Grand Adventure
Owner: Tyler DeWeerd, Autumn-Acres
Best Three Junior Does: Deb Macke, Raintree
Yearling Milker: Autumn-Acres Mya's Madam
Owner: Tyler DeWeerd, Autumn-Acres
Two Year Old: CH King-Farm Hustler's Kaykesha
Owner: Wendy Herchak, King Farm
Three Year Old: Barnowl Bernice
Owner: Tyler Shupe, Hoosier Harvest
Four Year Old: J-Haven's EE OhSo Hole' Mole'
Owner: Jill Pritchett, J-Haven Acres
Five & Six Year Old: CH J-Haven's FTLivin'W/Ambition
Owner: Jill Pritchett, J-Haven Acres
Seven & Over: CH Lesniak-Hill Ms. Madalyn May
Owner: Justin Lesniak, Lesniak Hill
Dairy Herd: Jill Pritchett, J-Haven Acres
Best Three Senior Does: Tammy Tullar, Autumn-Acres
Senior Get-of-Sire: Get of *B Kastdemur's Easy on the Eyes
Owner: Jill Pritchett, J-Haven Acres
Produce of Dam: CH Lesniak-Hill LS Memory
Owner: Justin Lesniak, Lesniak Hill
Dam & Daughter: CH Autumn-Acres Sunny Day
Tammy Tullar, Autumn-Acres
Highest 305 Milk: SGCH Forrest-Pride She Will Charm U
Owner: Andrea Forrest, Forrest-Pride
Highest 305 Butterfat: SGCH Forrest-Pride She Will Charm U
Owner: Andrea Forrest, Forrest-Pride
High Lifetime Milk: SGCH Forrest-Pride She Will Charm U
Owner: Andrea Forrest, Forrest-Pride
High Lifetime Butterfat: SGCH Forrest-Pride She Will Charm U
Owner: Andrea Forrest, Forrest-Pride
Premier Breeder: Jill Pritchett, J-Haven Acres
Reserve Premier Breeder: Andrea Forrest, Forrest-Pride
Premier Exhibitor:  Tammy Tullar/Tyler DeWeerd, Autumn-Acres
Premier Sire: +*B Kastdemur's Full Throttle, Jill Pritchett, J-Haven's

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A special thank you to the following herds & individuals who generously sponsored the
2014 ADGA National Show LaMancha Breed Awards

Junior Kids Shawna Brown
Nun-Udder Dan Dairy Goats
Intermediate Kids Patrick & Judy Odle
Once Upon A Time Farm
Senior Kids Sharla Macke
James, Michael & Samantha
Calico Acres-Fields-Lane-Patch
Junior Yearling Santa Barbara Dairy Goat Club
Senior Yearling LaNell Lindell
White Oak Bend Dairy Goats
Junior Champion Terri & Kaydee Burke
Kaydeebug Farm Dairy Goats
Reserve Jr. Champion Jacqueline Kuni
Alcmene LaManchas
Jr. Get of Sire Aaron & Megan Carter
Heart Mt. LaManchas
Junior Best 3 Jen-Mae-Ka Kids
Megan & Jennifer Lawrence
Milking Yearling Pete Snyder
Brookwood LaManchas
Two Year Old Ardis Lyons & Mariah Acton
Barnowl Dairy Goats
Three Year Old

Susan Cox
All-American Acres

Four Year Old Julie & Kyle Matthys
Mint*Leaf LaManchas
Five & Six Year Olds

Nancy & Silvia Shirley
Harmony Goats

Seven & Over Terri Sines
Majenli Dairy Goats
Senior Champion Rachel Anderson
Chaos Caprines
Reserve Senior Champion Vernon & Patty Stinnett
Liberty Ridge LaManchas
Grand Champion Dennis & Kathy Hogg
Hogg's Hideaway
Reserve Grand Champion Dennis & Kathy Hogg
Hogg's Hideaway
Best Udder Deb Macke
Raintree Dairy Goats/Sunflower Web Design
Reserve Best Udder Thomas Burke
BackLash LaManchas/Cen*Cal Dairy Goats
Dairy Herd Caprine Supply
Dairy Herd Individual South-Fork LaManchas
Marilou & Richie Webb
Produce of Dam Lori Coker
Bunker Babes Dairy Goats
Senior Get of Sire Brian, Patti & Brianna Dalton
Dalton's Way LaManchas
Dam & Daughter Tamra & Curt Cash
Cash Farms
Best 3 Senior Does Heart-Mt LaManchas
Aaron, Megan & Bentley Carter
Premier Breeder Scott Bice
Vineyard View LaManchas
Reserve Premier Breeder Lacie Lynne Bailey
Ravenna Ridge Mini LaManchas
Premier Exhibitor Trinity and Andrew Malmanis
Goat-San LaManchas
Premier Sire Vicki Sudderth
Livin' My Dream Farm
High 305 Milk Pam Ebert
Agape Oaks
In Memory of GCH Texas Flat Rocks Pearl
My Best Friend
High 305 Fat My Kids Farm
Karlene Brouillet
High Lifetime Milk Lynne Kary
Kary Dairy Goats
High Lifetime Fat Lynne Kary
Kary Dairy Goats
Total Performance Award Trinity & Andrew Malmanis
Goat-San LaManchas

Photos copyright  Steve Pope Photography

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The American LaMancha Club and its members want to acknowledge and support the contribution that many of our
members have made to the US Military. Currently many of our members have family members--sons, daughters, husbands, wives,
grandchildren and even moms and dads--who are serving or have served in the US Military. We want to take time to
honor these brave individuals and their families. The sacrifices they make can only be understood by someone who has been there.
They give of their time, they leave their families and they go into harm's way without complaint so that we may all remain free.
Most will return home but some will make the ultimate sacrifice.

Following are the family members who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces. Any ALC member who has a family member
that they would like included here, please email Deb Macke, raintreelamanchas@gmail.com Please include their unit and
where they served and, if they are currently serving, their address if you want to share it.

BUCA Angela Ebert daughter of Pam Ebert, Agape Oaks
Angela served in Afghanistan  from January through August 2010

Staff Sergeant Kevin Macke, son of Deb & Larry Macke, Raintree Dairy Goats
Kevin served as a Combat Medic with the WI National Guard 950th Unit
in Afghanistan from December 2014 until October 2015

Specialist Kevin Macke, son of Deb & Larry Macke, Raintree Dairy Goats
Kevin served as a Combat Medic with the WI National Guard 951st Sapper Unit
in Afghanistan from February 1, 2009 until November 21, 2009

Jerry  Drovdahl, US Army, 1973-1976
Served in Germany on border  patrol and cavalry

Kat Drovdahl, US Army 1985-1987
Served in Germany  as an Accounting Specialist/Finance

Acceptance Mark

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